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Remote metering of energy
First, you must agree with Terms of Use of this site.

Free web portal for remote data collecting and management for SCT system users.

A dedication of the portal is to provide services for SCT products for the following areas and purposes:
  1. Remote control and optimization of energy consumption (relating to gas, electricity, water, heating, and other measurable types of energy).
  2. Remote control and registration of technological conditions in manufacturing and storing in context of ISO requirements.
  3. Guarding the parameters of technological devices and objects.
  4. Monitoring, commanding, and movement control of telemetry systems in terrain.
  5. Remote collecting, control, commanding, and visualization of data in accordance with the requirements defined by the portal user.
  6. Remote configuration, parameter changing, and system programming.
  7. Possibility of new functionality defining by the portal user.

General Terms of Use:

All services provided by the portal are free to use and they are dedicated for collecting, evaluating, and visualization of the data, as well as remote commanding, alarm indicating, and remote controlling and programming of the SCT devices.

Basic conditions of use:
  1. Only SCT (Soft & Control Technology s.r.o.) systems can be connected and managed, especially systems and sensors of BaWiT (Battery Wireless Telemetry) and PLC T1 type.
  2. Max. number of connected devices is limited to 30 systems per user, and max. number of all devices’ datapoints is limited to 600. These limitations can be changed only by portal administrator‘s approval.
  3. The web portal can be used only for management of own data measured and obtained by SCT systems. The web portal cannot be used for any sale or other commercial purposes and activities, which are in any contradiction with license policy as well as principle of free-provided services.

Guarantee limitations and other limitations:
  1. SCT Company (Soft & Control Technology s.r.o.) (or its suppliers) in no way are responsible for any damages without any limitations, including the damages caused by data loss, profit loss, operation interrupting, inappropriate using for a certain purpose, losing the data precision and reliability provided by using of web applications, web services, and websites of SCT Company, which rise from using or unavailability of web applications, web services, and websites of SCT Company, including the content, data, functionality, and materials published thereof, or via them (even in case when SCT Company or SCT Company management have received announcement in verbal or written form about the risk of mentioned damages).
  2. SCT Company ensures a user data protection relating to the web portal and web portal’s database, and ensures the anonymity of the data. SCT Company will not dispose of them arbitrarily, provide them to any third parties, abuse them in any way or utilize them in order to obtain some advantage for itself or for the others. Overleaf, the web portal user must accordingly ensure its IT security on IT devices used by access to the web portal.
  3. User of web portal, web applications, web services, websites, and the others provided by SCT Company agrees that web portal, web applications, web services, and websites are provided AS-IS, without guarantee of any kind (rising from the law or from the other reasons), and without any limitation.
  4. SCT Company does not guarantee that content, materials, data, and functionality provided through websites, web applications, and web services provided by SCT will be available anytime and without any faults, and also does not guarantee that faults will be repaired. SCT Company also does not guarantee that providers for webhosting (relating to the websites, web applications, and web services of SCT Company) are secured against the harmful software.
  5. SCT Company reserves the following restriction rights for the web portal providing:
    1. Disconnect the users (or some parts of their system) either when they abuse the web portal, or when they infringe the terms-of-use relating to the provided web portal.
    2. Limit the provision of free services in case that suppliers of used software and technical resources change their license terms and conditions.
    3. Restrict abilities for device management for the users which abnormally burden web portal either by processing large amount of data, or in other cases when the work of other web portal users is limited by such users.
    4. Disconnect the users which harm of disable the system by incorrect using or intentionally excessively burden the system, especially when they were noticed about such activity by web portal administrator.
    5. Supplier of web portal services reserves the rights to terminate the portal without provide any damage compensations to the portal users.

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